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Youth Athlete Program


Athletic training is traditionally focused on the technical and tactical elements of the game. Most current training is only one-­-dimensional. So the question needs to be asked...how will we improve athlete speed, power and endurance? Our answer is simple; each week will focus on Speed, Quickness & Agility training along with solid Core performance protocols. Building up strength, coordination, and balance including the proper running technique will develop the fitness level of each player as well as significantly reduce the occurrence of injury. Many critical game situations in sports are won or lost by the ability to shift into a higher gear when needed. A successful fitness-training program can play a major role in making overall better athletes, with less injury and more success. The year will be divided in three specific seasons in order to improve these skills and keep focus on each protocol. The program is ongoing and progresses with the player’s age. Development comes with persistent work and all athletes striving for improvement are WELCOME!



1) Pre-­Season

- Speed, Quickness & Agility
- Core Performance

  •    Movement preparation
  •    Power
  •    Movement skills
  •    Pre-­‐hab/strength
  •    ESD conditioning
  •    Regeneration recovery


2) Regular Season

- Speed, Quickness & Agility
- Coordination

3) Indoor Season

- Speed, Quickness & Agility
- Strength